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pcb-Reliance Technology Development Ltd.

Reliance Technology Development Ltd.

Monthly Capacity:2000㎡ Founded in:2002

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pcb-Shenzhen JieKe Circuit Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen JieKe Circuit Co., Ltd.

Monthly Capacity:8000㎡ Founded in:2013

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pcb-Shenzhen Benqiang Circuit Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Benqiang Circuit Co., Ltd.

Monthly Capacity:80000㎡ Founded in:2005

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PCB Fabrication Videos

X-Mulong Circuit Manufacturing Overview
Huihe Circuits Manufacturing Overview

Huihe Circuits Manufacturing Overview

This PCB manufacturing gives a brief introduction about Huihe Circuits. You can learn more its PCB capability, PCB technology, PCB equipment and the like.

JKCF Manufacturing Overview

JKCF Manufacturing Overview

Branch Circuit Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Jie Shenzhen is a professional printed circuit board manufacturer, is committed to high-precision single-sided, multi-layer printed circuit board production, specifically for domestic and foreign high-tech companies and research institutes to provide services. We provides one-stop PCB design and PCB fabrication services, boards are widely used in communications, network, industrial control, digital, medical, military, light, LED, power and other high-tech fields.

Reliance Manufacturing Overview

Reliance Manufacturing Overview

Reliance is a long established Hong Kong company, offering a comprehensive PCB manufacturing service to a global customer base.We offer a wide range of special materials, flexible & semi-flexible designs and also assembly services to complement our portfolio. Our technology team offer fully RoHS compliant products and utilise in-house waste water treatment.

Well-Tech PCB Fabrication Overview

Well-Tech PCB Fabrication Overview

Well-Tech PCB was founded in 2004, offering professional service for global customers in various industry sectors like telecom & networking, new energy, public security surveillance, industrial, medical, automotive, etc. With ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO/TS16949 qualified production facility, we carefully monitor the quality of our products at every single stage of production (from material to finished products). Our QC people also have a spot check right before delivery. All the efforts we make ensure that our customers received defect-free products. Well-Tech believes continuous improvement is fundamental for customer's satisfaction and our successful development. 12 years of experience in rigid, aluminum & copper base PCB completing OEM/ODM samples in 2-7 days. Buyers in the US, Europe and Asia 500+ employees help maintain production speed. Monthly output: up to 350,000 sq. ft of PCBs RoHS-compliant raw materials from Germany, the US, Taiwan & Hong Kong.

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