10 Basic Rules for PCB Layout

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1. According to the circuit module layout, the circuit module components should be used in the nearest centralized principle, while placing digital circuits and analog circuits separately;

2. No component is installed around positioning holes, standard holes and other non-mounting holes within 1.27mm; no mounted component is installed around installation holes within 3.5mm (for M2.5), 4mm (for M3);

3. Avoid placing through holes below sleeper resistance, inductance (plug-in), electrolytic capacitors and other components in order not to cause short circuit after soldering; 

4. 5 mm is recommended as the distance between the outer side of the component and the board edge; 

5. Distance from the outer side of the mounting pad to the outer side of the adjacent inserted components is at least 2mm;

6. Metal shell components and metal components like shielding boxes cannot be touched with other components, cannot be close to the printed line and pad. 3mm is at least from positioning holes, fastener mounting holes, oval holes and other square holes to the board side;

7. The heat generating element cannot be close to the wire and thermal components. High heat components should be distributed evenly;

8. Power outlets should be arranged around the printed circuit board, and placed on the same side of the connected bus bar terminal. Do not place the power outlet and other solder connectors among connectors;

9. The layout of other components: All IC components are unilaterally aligned, the polarity of polar components is clearly marked. No more than two directions of the polarity of polar components is marked, if do exist two, keep two directions are perpendicular to each other;

10. Legends and packaging are in the same direction; the polarity of polarized components keeps the same direction.

PCB Layout  

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