3 Design Tips to Avoid PCB Manufacture Mistakes

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PCB manufacture mistakes are more common than you ever know, so you should pay more attention. Working closely with your electronic manufacturing service provider (also called EMS provider) is a good choice which can ensure your finished PCBs with higher quality, greater reliability, and shorter lead time. As manufacturing experts, with experience across multiple market sectors and product types, your EMS provider can offer you advisable design guidance when it comes to electronics manufacturing. In this article, we list 3 common mistakes that are regularly made and tell you how to easily avoid them.

Make Samples ASAP: It’s recommended you involve your EMS partner as soon as possible, ideally when the very first draft of your PCB layout is available - and that you give yourself enough time for prototype and pilot builds. For all the checking you do on paper or with your PC, it is likely there will be a little "feature" that only shows itself when you’ve produced the first batch. These need to be flushed out before ordering all of the components for your first planned production build and committing your design for CE approvals and the like.

Simple is Better: Except you have to, otherwise don’t have SMT on both sides of the assembly. This goes for through-hole components too. Because it is really expensive and time-consumed.

Value Your Panel Design: The ideal panel will depend on the PCB and what processes the assembly will go through. If it’s too large or too small it might not fit on the production line. Particularly thin PCBs (e.g. 0.8mm) may need to be in smaller panels to avoid flexing. Lack of a waste strip may cause more difficult when manufacturing and testing. Having breakouts in the wrong place may mean the assembly is not rigid enough, or difficult to break out without damaging components. Missing fiducials can lead to alignment issues. Best practice advice is to allow your EMS partner to work with their PCB supplier to optimize the panel design.

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