3 Factors for Faulty PCB Soldering

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PCB Warping

Reviewing PCB board soldering technology development in the electronics industry, it can be noted that reflow technology has developed fast and stable. How to ensure the quality of PCB soldering is the major concern among electronics manufacturers, so in this article we outline three major reasons for faulty PCB board soldering.

Soldering quality is affected by the solderability of PCB board hole
Poor solderability of PCB board hole will make soldering defects, which can affect the parameter of circuit components, cause poor stable connection between components and inner layer in the multi-layer board, even worse, the entire circuit will be out of work. The so-called solderability is the property by melting the metal surface, that is, a relatively uniform continuous smooth film is formed by the solder on the solder surface.

Soldering defects caused by PCB warpage 
During the soldering process, PCB board and components may be warping due to the stress, and then short circuit, deformation and other defects may be caused. Warping is often caused by the imbalance temperature given to the upper and lower layers. Sometimes, large size of the PCB board may be warping due to its own weight. Distance from ordinary PBGA to the PCB board side is about 0.5mm. If components are larger on the board, then it is easily to cause faulty soldering when PCB board restore to its normal shape after cooling down. 

Soldering quality is affected by PCB design
If your board size is too large, the soldering is easy to control, but the printed line length and impedance will increase while the anti-noise ability will decrease, finally the cost will increase. If your board size is too small, the heat dissipation ability will decrease, the soldering is difficult to control, and adjacent lines tend to interfere with each other. Therefore, your PCB board design must be optimized.

PCB Soldering  

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