3-Most Popular PCB Boards in China

Dated:2017-01-17      Popularity:1627

PCB Board

China is committed to maintaining its position as the largest manufacturing hub for printed circuit boards. The momentum of market share is mainly generated by communication, consumer, automotive and electronics industries. 

The multilayer printed circuit boards have achieved more than 50% of the total yield in recent years. PCB analysists predicted that its growth trend will be kept in the in the coming years, because PCB board related electronic products are expected to increase. 

HDI printed boards are widely used in smart phone, PC, and digital still camera industries. Luckily, China is the major manufacturing base for these devices, and those PCB manufacturers specializing in HDI PCBs fabrication are all have their own advantages. 

Flexible printed circuit boards also take up a huge market share. They are largely used in the following industry, including communication devices, consumer and automotive electronics, mobile phones, digital still cameras, laptops, LCD monitors and TVs.

Also, other PCB board types also play great important role in our daily life. The booming PCB industry has appealed and encouraged more local manufacturers to optimize their production lines to shorten the up-trending labor cost and provide more high-quality PCB boards.

PCB Boards  

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