3 Steps for Determining PCB Layers

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Multilayer PCB

Printed circuit board is an important integral part of any modern electronic device. PCBs decide the functioning and operations of the electronic device. Layers of the PCB, each has its own function in the design. An increase in the complexity of the design leads to an increase in the number of layers. So how do we determine the required number of layers for the important printed circuit board? Three important steps in determining your PCB layers are listed 3 as follows:

Initial Number of Layers
As we mentioned above, the majority of the number of layers is determined in response to the requirement and functions of your PCB. Although PCB layers can be customized for the needs and requirement of the PCB projects, the following 6 different layer design is the standard industry usage:
1 or 2-Layer PCBs – Home prototyping
4-Layer PCB – Simple or cheap boards & breakouts
6-Layer PCB – Cheap and large boards
8-Layer PCB – Cost effective
10-Layer PCB – Suitable for SODIMM computer on module
12-Layers and beyond – Heavy industry boards or boards with may tracks

Layer Layout
Once you have finalized the initial number of layers, you have to consider its technicality. In cases where the PCB design requires high-speed signals or if there are numerous connectors on your PCB, extra inner signal layers are added to the PCB design. These layers are added for improved and better functioning of your PCB.

Layer Order
The last important step to finish your PCB layers is to order the required PCB layers. When you are sequencing the required layers, due to technical reasons, you are required to either remove or add layers to ensure the proper functioning of the PCB. The following are few industry standard stack-up for PCB layer order:
4-layer stack-up
6-layer stack-up
8-layer stack-up
10-layer stack-up
12-layer stack-up – 4 GNDs
12-layer stack-up – two additional signal layers

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