3 Things to Consider When Designing Complex PCBs

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PCB boards are becoming more complex with more components placed on a smaller area. It is said that during the last five years layer counts almost have no change while the area has decreased by almost one third. It is no doubt that PCB design become much tougher than before. In this post, EPCB discusses 3 points you should keep in mind when designing complex PCBs which can help you save some time.

Advanced Layouts: To design complex PCBs, the designers should be capable of using advanced layouts and the right skills to assess different variables in terms of modern board design.

Advanced Packaging: Advanced packaging techniques like multichip modules, through-silicon via, etc. have created disruptive technologies. However, data transfer between different design domains, which is traditionally done with spreadsheets, has started to break down.

Virtual Prototyping: As far as the design process is concerned, virtual prototyping will help earlier support, validation, and decision makers of a company to improve trade-off analysis, thus making the process more effective and efficient. With everything crowded onto the same board, one has to create proper shielding patterns, on the same board, as well as across boards, and erect walls between circuits.

To design a complex PCB in less time, you’d better take the above points into consideration, and the best way to solve this issue is to utilize the latest techniques.

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