3 Tips for SMT Component Disassembly

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It is not easy to disassemble SMT chip components safe and sound in a minute. You need constantly practice to get more experience so that you can quickly and easily dissemble the components without damage. The following tips are for your reference: 

1. For SMD components with less pins like resistors, capacitors, diodes, triodes, etc. Firstly, you should tin-plating on one of the PCB pads, and then use tweezers by left hand to hold components on the mounting position, and use soldering iron by your right hand to solder pins. The rest pins are soldered by the tin wire. It is also very easy to disassemble such components, just use soldering iron to heat component’s two ends, and carefully remove it after the tin is melting. 

2. SMD components with more pins and wide spacing chip components, the soldering method is described as the previous one. The removal of such components is generally better to use hot air guns. A hand-held hot air gun will melt the solder, use tweezers or other fixtures by another hand to remove the component. 

3. For SMD components with relatively high pin densities, it is similar in the soldering step, i.e., solder one pin first, and then solder the rest of pins with tin. The alignment of the pin and pad is the key factor when pin number is denser. The disassembly of components with high-density pin is to use hot air gun. With tweezers to pinch the components, with a hot air gun to blow back all the pins, and then remove the component when pins are melting. If you still need dissembled components, then try not to blow the component center and the process is as quickly as possible. After removing the component, use soldering iron to clean the pad.


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