4 PCB Design Mistakes to Avoid

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As a green hand in PCB industry, four PCB design tips are good for you to avoid common mistakes.

Edge Tolerances
Ground planes and traces should end from the board edge by approximately 0.010 "to ensure that accidental shorting with metal chassis and cases can be avoided.

Stipulate a Minus Tolerance on Small Via Holes
This may lead to limitations to the panel size because of the pad/hole ratio. High current density may cause the hole down. It is time consuming to rework vias to unplug the holes. Specify if vias can be filled of designate tolerances as a “+” allowance only or specify that vias may be plugged or filled.

Nonfunctional Pads on Inner Layers
Minimum spacing is an important consideration that designers should always keep in mind. Often, this spacing does not take manufacturing tolerance buildup into account. 
During the electroplating test, the traces routed between the plated through holes on the layer with the non-functional pad can be short-circuited due to the scrapped unit.

Copper Thickness
Usually, designers require 1 ounce of copper as the finished thickness for product, not take board dimension into account. A total 1 ounce copper can not ensure that there is enough plating in the holes. Specific about the parameters you need will ensure that finished PCB board made as per your design can be successfully work as expected.

PCB Design  

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