4 Ways to Use Microcontrollers

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A microcontroller is useful for a lot of things – like building your own music player, robots, or a display for whatever project you have. Some beginners might think it’s difficult to work with a microcontroller, here we would say, it is absolutely wrong. Here are four ways to easily start using a microcontroller:

Development kit: Most manufacturers of microcontrollers offer development kits as an easy way to test their microcontroller. These are usually well documented, but can be a bit pricey.
Breakout board: This is a board usually with a bare minimum of components which needed to get the microcontroller running. A breakout board is usually cheap, but it requires more knowledge about programmers and compilers.
Build your own circuit: You can just buy a microcontroller chip, and make your own circuit with it. It’s cheap, but you have to know how to build your own circuits as well as the knowledge about programmers and compilers.
Arduino: This is a board that is developed to make it easy to use for artists, designers and people with little technical experience from before. You don’t need to know anything about compilers or programmers, and the code is easy to understand.

It’s better for beginners to start out with Arduino, just because it’s so easy to get something cool up and running in no time. If you would rather learn about compilers and programmers right from the start, then try a breakout board is a good idea.


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