5 PCB Tips to Ensure Quality

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Printed Circuit Board

Printed circuit board is regarded as the most useful and basic assembly unit applying in various kinds of electronic devices. All performances and functions of various devices are implemented basically by PCB boards, because their reliability and quality are correlated directly with the reliability and quality of electronic equipment. 

Currently, PCB design has been more complicated because of its smaller size and complex function requirement. Hence, it is important to make an implementation on quality control in the process from both PCB design to the production of PCB.

Quality Control in PCB Design Stage
To make sure that PCB design is of great quality, you’d better encompass the following:
1. Testability and normalization must be ensured
2. Validity of PCB design file must be ensured: the PCB design file needs to be regularly checked by the project leader.
3. PCB manufacturability must be ensured: the technological requirements of PCB have to be strictly followed by technologists and project leaders. This must be done to guarantee the PCB manufacturability. The technological requirements can be listed on design drawings if they are simple. If complex, the technological requirements can be summarized in a text. After technological requirements have been checked, they shouldn’t just meet with present production craft level with cost effectiveness that is high, but also leave convenience that would be implemented of subsequent checking, debugging and assembly.

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Quality Control in PCB Manufacturing Stage
To ensure that PCB design is of top quality, you’d better encompass the following:
1. Adequate capability PCB manufacturers must be ensured: If your PCB design is simple, then a normal PCB manufacture is enough to meet your requirements. If not, a high capability PCB manufacture is must in order to fabricate high-quality circuit boards in time. 
2. Checking and confirming needs to be constantly done before manufacturing: PCB designer needs to check and confirm the design drawings constantly with manufacturers before the manufacturing process takes place to make sure the final modification is the perfect PCB design.

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