A Duplex Wire Splice

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Wire Splice

A duplex wire splice is used to join wires in parallel. This allows the wires to connect to other networks. Wire splices are used in countless electrical home repair and other projects. 

In order to create a duplex wire splice, you will need to be able to strip part of the wires. You should also be familiar with the types and sizes of wire connectors before starting. This will help you ensure the process does not damage the wires and distributes the correct amount of electricity.

Before creating the duplex wire splice, turn off the electricity to the area using the breaker panel. A voltage tester can help ensure the power is off and that the work can be completed safely. Most splices use about one inch of wire. Don’t strip more than you need.

Once the wire is exposed, the individual wires will need to be twisted to the connecting wires. Make sure that the wires are twisted around the new ones without touching one another. Cut off any excess wire before attaching a wire nut. The wire nut will help keep your spliced wires locked in place. Make sure the wire nut is secure before using electrician’s tape to seal the project. 

Wire Splice  

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