Advantages and Disadvantages of Half Wave Rectifier

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Half Wave Rectifier

A half wave rectifier is rarely used, especially as the power supply of an audio circuit. The high ripple caused by half wave rectifier makes it to be the last component chosen by manufacturers, because high ripple factor will result in noises in input audio signal, which in turn will affect audio quality.

Advantages: Though a half wave rectifier is not a good choice in most cases, it is cheap, and simple to construct. The reason why it is cheap is because it needs a low number of components, while simple is because its circuit design is straight forwardness. 

Disadvantages: Actually, a half wave rectifier has more number of disadvantages than advantages. First of all, the output current in the load contains, in addition to direct current component, alternating current components of basic frequency equal to that of the input voltage frequency. Ripple factor is high and an elaborate filtering is, therefore, required to give steady direct current output. Secondly, the power output and, therefore, rectification efficiency is quite low. This is due to the fact that power is delivered only during one half cycle of the input alternating voltage. Besides, the transformer utilization factor is low. The last one is that direct current saturation of transformer core resulting in magnetizing current and hysteresis losses and generation of harmonics. 

Half Wave Rectifier  

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