Advantages of Metal Core PCB

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Metal Core PCB

Metal core PCBs have been used frequently in electronic products, especially for LED products. In this article, EPCB would like to outline its advantages. 

Thermal Conductivity: For many double-sided PCBs or multilayer PCBs with high density and power, heat dissipation is really a big challenge, because high temperature can make electronic components fail to work. The normal PCB raw material we used frequently now, such as FR-4, has poor thermal conductivity and inter-layer insulation. So we need to use metal core PCB instead, which has an excellent thermal conductivity. 

Thermal Expansibility: There is a physical principle says objects will expand with heat and contract with cold. The CTE or coefficient of thermal expansion is different with different objects. Metal core PCB can effectively deal with the heat and the problems of thermal expansion and contraction, improve the durability and reliability of equipment.

Scale Stable: Compare with FR-4 PCB, the scale of metal core PCB is much more stable. For example, aluminum PCB is heated from 30℃ to 140~150℃, but its scale only changes from 2.5%~3%. So the metal PCB is more suitable to work in the condition of high temperature.


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