Aesthetic PCB Design

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Aesthetic PCB Design

Printed circuit board design is a process that requires experience. A perfect PCB board should run as expected and also look great. There are various techniques and steps for art PCB design you need to follow to ensure that the PCB both has good quality and aesthetics.

PCB Design Constrains
When designing a PCB, you can take different routes that lead you to the same place electrically but to a different place aesthetically. For example, it is usually arbitrary to decide where to place vias, especially when there is enough space left on the board. Of course, it is important to ensure that the PCB remains as small as possible while keeping the PCB traces within PCB manufacturing capability. 

PCB Shape
PCB shape is an important part when designing modern PCB board. PCB shape defines the company brand, especially when the PCB is exposed during its lifetime. When making a wearable device, PCB shape is critical because it must be integrated with normal clothing or cosmetics. Therefore, PCB designers must make the right decision on the shape of the PCB. This required them well knowing the right dimensions, the company brand, and the intended application.

PCB Silkscreen
This is a layer on the PCB that shows component names, component value or number, as well as the company logo and brand name. You can add any information on this layer to deliver certain important information. Silkscreen is an important and sensitive part because it can provide PCB details. Poor silkscreen can make the PCB look fake and incomplete which will greatly affect sales. PCB designers and manufacturers must ensure that the screen is aligned with the soldered components. It should also be clear rather than faded. Generally, standard silkscreen colors are white, black and yellow, and other colors may significantly increase the PCB cost. To save money, you can require manufactures to fabricate silkscreen on one side only. Since PCB designers puts silkscreen together, thus they must keep the PCB brand, PCB aesthetics, PCB details and PCB costs in mind.

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