Application of UV Laser in Various PCB Materials

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UV laser machine

Ultraviolet laser or UV laser is the best choice for a wide range of PCB applications, from the production of the most basic circuit boards, circuit cabling, to the production of pocket embedded chips and other advanced processes. In this article, two common applications will be discussed just for your reference.

Application: surface etching
During the board fabrication process, the UV laser works very efficiently that surface pattern can be etched on the circuit board in minutes. This makes UV lasers the fastest way to produce PCB prototypes. The R&D department noticed that more and more sample laboratories are equipped with an internal UV laser system.
Depending on the optical instrument, the size of the UV laser beam can reach 10-20μm, thereby producing a flexible circuit trace.
Suppose a board size is 0.75 inches x 0.5inches, and consists of a sintered ceramic substrate and tungsten/ nickel/ copper/ surface, then the laser can produce 3 mils' total spacing which covering 2 mils' circuit trace and 1 mil's spacing. 
Although the use of laser beam production method is the fastest way to fabricate PCB prototypes, however, it is better to utilize chemical technology to etch the surface for large-scale order.

Application: PCB disassemble
UV laser cutting is the best choice for large and small production and PCB disassemble, especially for flexible or rigid-flexible circuit boards. Disassemble is to remove a single circuit board from the panel, taking material's increasing flexibility into account, this disassemble will face a great challenge.
V-slot cutting, automatic board cutting and other mechanical disassembly methods are easily damage sensitive and slim substrate, bring much trouble to the electronic professional manufacturing services (EMS) enterprises when they disassemble flexible or rigid-flexible circuit boards. 
UV laser cutting can not only eliminate the impact of mechanical stress generated during the disassembly and deformation process, but also generate less thermal stress than other lasers like CO2 laser cutting.

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