Audio Taper Potentiometers

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A Audio Taper Potentiometer

Audio taper potentiometers are specifically designed for audio applications. Audio taper potentiometers are used to control volume in audio devices, including headphones, headsets, computer speakers, or any volume-altering devices.

Audio taper potentiometers are log tapers, meaning any turn in the wiper of the potentiometer changes the resistance logarithmically. And that is an ideal way, because logarithmic change in resistance is more suitable for ours ears to perceive sound. 

Compared to audio taper potentiometers, use a linear potentiometer for volume control to increase or decrease sound may less accurate, because the volume changes may not turn out right as a linear taper's adjustment grows too rapidly as a pot is turned up from zero. This means that the volume levels shoot up too high when you beginning turning it up, so it is very difficult to control volume. However, log tapers are perfect for audio applications. Its characteristics are suitable to the way our ears receive increasing or decreasing sounds. It gradually increases sound as the wiper is turned. That’s why audio taper potentiometers are so widely used in audio applications.


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