Basic Guidelines for Reducing PCB Cost

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PCB Board

PCB manufacturing costs depend on several factors that must be taken into account during the design process. If you are a newbie in the PCB field, maybe your design is not optimized from a cost standpoint. The majority of beginner PCB designers don’t consider basic width, spacing and many other rules that have a big impact not only in the tooling costs but also in the unit prices.

If you want to keep your tooling and manufacturing costs to a minimum, in this article we list some recommendations as follows:

Rule of thumb for board size: Try to keep the board size or area to a minimum. This is the most basic rule. Costs tend to go up when the board size is bigger. You can think that price is approximately proportional to the board’s area.

Rule of thumb for board shape and slots: Unless necessary, try to use standard board shapes like squares and rectangles given the fact that irregular shapes will cause extra cost. Try to avoid slots (internal cutouts) unless necessary for mounting purposes. Some PCB manufacturers charge additional costs for irregular shapes that are different from standard shapes as squares or rectangles. If the PCB shape is not important we recommend designing boards with square or rectangular shapes for reducing costs.

PCB Cost  

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