Basic PCB Terminology

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Printed Circuit Board

EPCB have explained some basic PCB terminology before, and in this article, we will go over some of them and add some new essential wordings related to the printed circuit board. You must know these phrasings well if you want to be a qualified person in the field of PCB world. They are listed as the alphabetical order: 

Mil: Also called ‘Thou’, is the unit of length, and equals to the thousandth of an inch. It is used as a part of little or exact estimation in the PCB design.

Pads: With the fast development of advanced PCB technology, it is common that many surface mount gadgets are used as a part of a printed circuit board. To patch them, pads are created.

Surface Finish: The surface finish means the protective layer, which is used to protect the pads (copper) from oxidation.

Trace: It is a pathway made out of copper to give the electrical connections between the different components.

Via: A hole with copper inside to provide electrical connection between a trace on one layer to a trace on a different layer of the PCB.

PCB Terminology  

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