Battery Specifications

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Common batteries specifications include the type of cell the battery, standard voltage, mAH, standard charge and rapid charge. In this article, EPCB hope you can learn more about standard battery specifications. 

Type of Cell: All batteries, either standard or rechargeable, come in the standard cells, such as AAA, AA, C, or D cells. You have to choose the right type of cell for the device which you are powering.

Battery Voltage: Batteries are also referred to by the amount of volts which they have. Battery voltage decreases during operation and usage, that’s why the voltage will become less as the battery drains. Actually, the voltage specified is the voltage contained by an unused battery. Therefore, when choosing batteries, the voltage you need for a circuit is crucial. 

Milliampere-Hours (mAH): All batteries, either standard or rechargeable, also come with a specification of milliampere-hours, which represents how long a battery can last in a circuit. Cause the mAH means the battery's life, so the more mAH means the longer a battery can last. An AA battery may have a mAH of 2000, while a D cell may have 10,000mAH, so it obvious that a D cell has much longer battery life. For this reason, D cells are physically bigger and are more expensive than AA batteries. 


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