Benefits of Flex and Rigid-Flex PCB

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Rigid-Flex PCB

Flex PCB and rigid-flex PCB board allow you to design the circuitry to fit the device, instead of building a device to fit the circuit board. They are largely used in the industry of aerospace, medical and military applications thanks to dependable reliability.

Flex circuits offer multiple advantages, and the following will show you some key benefits of using flex and rigid-flex circuit technology.

Component/Connector Assembly
1.Flex circuits can accept any component or connector that can be assembled to a rigid PCB design.
2.Integrated ZIF contacts provide simple modular interfaces to the system environment.
3.Additional options are available such as, ZIF Connectors, crimped contacts, direct solder to PCB, etc.

Cost Savings
1.Thin and flexible polyimide film requires a much smaller area, reducing the overall finished assembly packaging size and material requirement costs.
2.Reduced assembly costs are also seen as fewer parts are needed for the final assembled product.
3.A simplified PCB assembly processes can reduce assembly errors as the flex circuit can only be installed one way.
4.Flex circuits can eliminate wire routing errors, and reduce test time, rework, and rejects.

High Density Applications
1.Flex material properties work very well in high speed controlled impedance designs, which allow better control of impedances.
2.Flexible PCB allow for narrow lines giving way to high density device population. Denser device populations and lighter conductors can be designed into a product, freeing space for additional product features.

High Temperature Applications
1.Flex circuits materials (polyimide) dissipate heat at a better rate than other dielectric materials while providing the added benefits of vastly improved flexibility.
2.Exposed to extreme temperature applications (up to - 200C to 400C) is ok.
3.Expansion and contraction are minimized when using polyimide material.
4.Good chemical resistance to oils, acids, gases etc.
5.Flex circuits boards offer excellent radiation and UV exposure resistance.

Flex PCB  Rigid-Flex PCB  

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