Benefits of Using Heavy Copper PCBs

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Heavy Copper PCB

Currently, heavy copper PCB board is widely used in power supply systems and power electronics. The advancement of PCB technology has greatly improved the development of heavy copper printed circuit boards. Therefore, heavy copper PCB has a copper thickness of more than 6oz compared to the standard 2oz printed circuit board.

Why should we use heavy copper PCB? The reason is its extra copper thickness allows the PCB to conduct higher currents. In this case, such printed circuit board will have a good heat distribution making it easier to implement complex circuits in a limited space. Furthermore, compared to standard PCBs, heavy copper PCBs can increase mechanical strength so as to reduce circuit problems.

Heavy copper PCBs can be used in various applications, including automotive, new energy, military, heavy duty industrial equipment, etc. In addition, heavy copper circuit boards are really useful in departments that need to handle the heat generated by complex electronic circuits. Some specific industrial control modules also require heavy printed circuit boards to achieve effective heat distribution.

Heavy Copper PCB  

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