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PCB design is a tedious process requiring specialized software to design the layout. There are many software that can be used to design PCBs. Some of the most widely used PCB software is as follows.

PCB Software from DipTrace

DipTrace is the most cost-effective and widely used software for PCB design. The software is used by most students around the world providing many options for easy PCB designs. You can easily design two or four layer boards on this software. The free version of the software supports up to 300-pin and 2-layer design. Some of the advanced features of the software are capturing the components linked to the library of the software, electrical rule checking, and the export/import functionality between other software. With the advanced version of the software, you can even design 3D models.

PCB Software from Eagle CAD

Eagle CAD
Eagle CAD is another very popular software used to draw PCB layout among engineering universities. The software is advanced, but very easy to operate. There are many online tutorials that can be used to learn how to use this software. The software can be used for drawing layouts, graphical representations and editors. The paid version of the software can even draw a 16-layer design. The software features include electronic inspection, netlist generation for transporting PCBs, and links to libraries.

PCB Software from PADS

PADS is very different from other PCB design software because it has a standard editor with many features. PADS has a translator that is very useful to import PCB files from other software. In addition to schematic creation, library management, and design verification, PADS has some additional features like viewing circuitry in 3D and importing /exporting files from other software.

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