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Domestic Market Size about Phone

Smart phones were the main driver of the PCB industry in the past. In the era of mobile Internet, more and more users shift from PC to mobile terminal equipment; it is obvious that PC status will be quickly replaced by mobile. Since 2008, with the rise of Apple-led smart phone wave and the rapid development of global consumer electronics components enterprises, especially in 2012 to 2014, smart phones entered into the rapid penetration period, and found a billion US dollars market. According to Prismask data, from 2010 to 2014, PCB downstream smartphone market reached an average annual compound growth rate of 24%, far more than other downstream industries, providing the PCB industry's main growth momentum. 

In the high-end PCB, take HDI as example, mobile phone is HDI's traditional market. Take 2015 data as example, smart phones accounted for more than half of the market ratio. From the perspective of smart phones, currently almost all smart phones are using HDI as the motherboard.

Whether from the PCB category or high-end HDI point of view, their rapid growth is all benefited from prosperous downstream demand, thus supporting the fast growth of the global PCB manufacturers or enterprises.

But it is undeniable that, after a rapid penetration of the explosive period, smart phone gradually enter into the stock era. However, the growth rate about domestic smart phone market began to slow down since 2014.

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