Can Waterproof Devices Really Waterproof?

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Waterproof Phone

A whole slew of new waterproof electronic devices are entering the market, maybe now your shiny new phone is the so-called waterproof one, but have you ever thought about that if those waterproof devices really can be water protected? Clever advertising and loosely applied water protection ratings have led consumers to believe that a device stamped with an IP rating, or accompanied by a myriad of water resistant buzz words, means that the device in question can take a dip in the pool, or at the very least hack it in the shower. But sadly, that’s usually not the case.

As most consumers have accepted the water resistant concept and are willing to spend more on electronic devices, manufacturers try their best to meet the growing demand for water resistant electronics. They put more attention on gaining an IP certification. All manufacturers must send their device to a third party laboratory to run the standard tests, and if one (yes, just one) passes the test, the entire device line gets the determined IP certification. This is the problem. Now, are you still 100% believe the so-called waterproof devices?

Waterproof Devices  

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