Cheap Standard PCB Boards

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Standard PCB Boards

EPCB has been a leader in high-quality cheap standard PCB manufacturing in China for over 10 years. Specializing in prototypes and production runs for the simplest two-later boards to the most complex design. Our capabilities can support advanced designs with demanding requirements including: laser drilled micro vias, heavy copper, via-in-pad, microwave and RF boards, multilayers and more.

Cheap standard PCB boards are available in EPCB. Our 2- and 4-layer and bare boards allow customers to cut cost without sacrificing PCB quality or turnaround speed. Our2- and 4-layer and bare boards are manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility using the same high tech equipment as our regular production of custom spec options and other multilayer boards.

Our bare FR4 option ships in just 5 days with no minimum quantity requirements. This option is made without surface finish, without soldermask and without silkscreen. It is great for those that need a very quick prototype to test out a simple design. The special is popular because it is a cheap PCB prototyping option, only 1 US dollars a piece.

Another great option for 2-layer PCB boards is only 1.4 US dollars each. The maximum of each board can be 100mm×100mm with 1oz copper thickness. That’s correct, your design can be for small boards or medium boards as long as its single size is no larger than 100cm2 and it will only cost $1.4 each with only 5 shipping days!  

Similar to our “$1.4 Each” special, our 4-layer option ships in just 7 days. You can get the board for the fixed price of only $5 each. 

All PCB orders placed with EPCB receive a full Gerber review prior to manufacturing to ensure that any design issues the PCB design may have are corrected prior to production.

Standard PCB Boards  

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