Choose a Right Capacitor

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It is not easy for you to choose the right capacitor every time for your PCB boards, especially for many beginners. Today, we will discuss two most common capacitor types: polarized capacitor and non-polarized capacitor. 

Polarized capacitors: If you need a polarized capacitor, you need something called an “electrolytic” capacitor. There are two types of electrolytic capacitors: aluminum and tantalum. Aluminum capacitors are more common and much cheaper than tantalum capacitors. Aluminum caps usually come as through-hole components. Choose aluminum caps unless you have any special requirements. For example, if you need a smaller and more durable capacitor, then choose the tantalum type is your best choice. Tantalum caps are available in small surface mount packages. They can work in a wide temperature range. 

Non-polarized capacitors: If you need a non-polarized capacitor, a ceramic or a film capacitor is the most common one. Ceramic caps are small and cheap. It’s the most common choice for non-polarized capacitors. They are often used as decoupling capacitors. If you have any special requirements like low tolerance, high reliability or a capacitor that is able to operate under high temperatures, then choose a film capacitor. It is much better for this. 

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