Circuit Breaker Panels

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Circuit Breaker Panel

If you are not familiar with the circuit breaker panels, this article posted by EPCB may be useful for you. Nowadays, circuit breaker panels have replaced the outdated fuse panels because we are running more and more electrical products. 

Some circuit breakers can control 120-volt circuits, while others are able to control 240-volt circuitry which can be used for electric dryers, electric ranges, electric water heaters, etc. Among the different circuit breakers, a main circuit breaker, usually a 100-amp or 200-amp main breaker, is the most important one with whom the whole electrical panel is powered. 

People are used to comparing a fuse with a circuit breaker, both are helpful components. But unlike a blown fuse, a circuit breaker is better for it can be reset after it trips, which means you don’t have to replace them like you do with fuses. You’d better have circuit trips and be able to reset it before finding it completely becomes a defective circuit breaker. The circuit breakers are so useful that they are widely used to power our home.

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