Circuit Modeling

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In some of the technical articles, the converter operation is studied in ideal conditions. An ideal condition is when there is no interruptions, disturbances and errors that cause the operation to deviate from its normal condition. These inevitable interruptions from normal conditions may be due to variations in the circuit parameters, such as voltages of source and load, switching time, and circuit components like inductors or capacitors. This behavior of the system is known as the dynamic system behavior, which needs to be rectified for proper output through a control mechanism. This requires an analysis and design of the controller by modeling approach which gives us the wide spectrum to analyze the various interruptions or issues. Control system controls the parameters of the circuit by measuring the disturbances through open-loop or closed-loop system. Open-loop controller can minimize the anticipated disturbances by feed-forward path as shown. However, open-loop system alone can’t serve the need of the dynamic control for conversion.

Circuit Modeling  

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