Classic Analog Circuits

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As a PCB board designer, we are familiar with different analog circuits. Among them, some circuit diagrams are classic and worth to be valued.

Sample circuit allows ADC to achieve the input rail to rail, and its operating voltage exceeds VDD can greatly reduce the setting time nearly without any reliability problems. No component in this circuit can be reduced or changed. This circuit directly makes a big step forward in ADC development history, and now has become one of the most classic analog circuits. 
Working waveforms looks amazing: 

A Magical Current Source
Input 'any' current (Any means any current value in the reasonable scale), the output will be about 2 * ln8 * Vt / R.

The working principle is: at each clock edge, the comparator compares the voltage on the capacitor with the ground, thereby determining whether the next capacitor is connected to the circuit.


capacitor's voltage changePremium

Switch Cap
CMFB is achieved only by 4 capacitors plus 6 switches. Simple and efficient.

Data Weighted Averaging
The basic idea is to quickly read each current element in the DAC to reduce the effect of mismatch current on ADC's signal-to-noise ratio. The first order noise shaping of the current mismatch is achieved only by a few simple electrical modules. Amazing. 

Almighty H-Bridge circuit
Motor Affordable and easy to use. You can make 10 bridges just on one chip.

Analog Circuits  

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