Coaxial and RGB Cables

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Coaxial Cable

A coaxial cable is used for radio and data transmission. Various types of coaxial cables offer different levels of video and audio quality. Coaxial cables were invented in England by mathematician Oliver Heaviside and patented in 1880. In the years since, coaxial cables have been used for broadcasting cable and radio, carrying transatlantic telephone signals and even transmitting signals across the ocean. Coaxial cables are a popular type of transmission cable for their diverse application, low cost and high reliability, and they are used extensively worldwide. 

An RGB cable is used in transferring video signals from a video source to a display. This type of cable only carries video signals and consists of three RCA cables that have red, green and blue connection tips. RGB cables are also known as component cables and support standard and HD resolutions up to 1080i. It uses three colors (red, blue and green) and blends them together with horizontal and vertical sync information to project a complete video image.

Coaxial Cable  RGB Cable  

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