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Bill of materials or BOM is an important factor during PCB manufacturing. A BOM can be compared with the shopping list, which is a complete instruction for what electronic and mechanical components should be used. The BOM also contains detailed information about how to obtain PCB components and purchase from which supplier. Without BOM, the printed circuit board is prone to unnecessary modification, delay or even cause problems.

PCB manufacturers always require BOM to base their quotes. The common practice is to use an Excel spreadsheet. If BOM is sent as a plain text or PDF document, manual recording may cause errors.

When creating a PCB BOM, the first thing to record is component details. The BOM should always clearly specify the part number of manufacturer and component manufacturer. This is due to the fact that a certain part may not be available at the mentioned supplier, and the only unique identification that can be used to check for inventory without any chance of error is the manufacturer part number.

To simplify this process, some manufacturers offer a sample BOM or template that can be populated with client-specific data. This is an effective way to ensure that the BOM format is compatible with manufacturer’s internal software. This also makes it easier for people who make BOMs because they will know exactly what information they should include in the spreadsheet.

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