Considerations for PCB Conformal Coating

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PCB Conformal Coating

Thanks to the PCB conformal coating, PCB assembly can extend the storage time. PCB conformal coating is a painting with lots of properties including anti-mildew, anti-moisture, anti-dust, anti-heat, anti-cold shock, anti-aging, anti-salt spray, anit-vibration, etc.

PCB conformal coating only applies to high-tech printed circuit boards in the first stage. As electronic devices are widely used in everyday life, consumers are paying more attention to the quality and reliability of their products. The use of conformal coating enables manufacturers to effectively improve product quality and reduce issues occurred during warranty period. 

Considerations for PCB conformal coating process are as follows:

1.PCBA must be done while the width is no less than 5mm.

2.Maximum PCBA board length and width are 410*410mm, while the minimum is 10*10mm.

3.The maximum height of PCBA mounting components is 80mm.

4.3mm is the minimum distance between PCBA components sprayed area and non-spray area.

5.Thorough cleaning ensures that the corrosive residues are completely removed and that the conformal coating adheres well to the circuit board surface. Coating thickness between 0.1-0.3mm is appropriate. Drying board condition is at 60°C within 10-20 minutes.

6.In the coating process, some components can not be coated, such as: high power with heat sink or radiator components, power resistors, power diodes, cement resistors, DIP switches, adjustable resistance, buzzer, battery holder, Insurance seat (tube), IC block, touch switch, etc.

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