Considerations for Right PCB Supplier

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Choosing the right PCB board supplier may be a hassle thing even for experienced PCB designers. Find your preferred PCB supplier is the first and prudent thing even before the board design. You need to make sure that your PCB board supplier has no problem in manufacturing the board as per your specifications.

Here are 3 points you should keep in mind when looking for the right PCB board supplier.

Compensation Policy
Regardless of how well is the process or the equipment used in the PCB manufacturing or assembly, there will always be a percentage of defective boards. Examples of the problems are hairline short, pads are slightly off or surface mount components are not well soldered. Therefore, it will be prudent to check if the suppliers do have any compensation policy in place.

PCB Cost
The cheapest price is not always the best solution as a defective printed circuit board really means nothing. To make sure you can get high quality PCB boards as you expected, carefully check about their manufacturing capabilities and clients listed online is a must. If you just need small volume of PCB boards, you need to consider the shipping cost, and have a more accurate evaluation.

Location of PCB Supplier
If you plan to cooperate with suppliers from countries that can use cheaper costs or exchange rates, then you need to be aware of communication barriers especially when they fabricate the first PCB order for you. PCB fabrication is very simple, but PCB assembly requires clear communication of instructions on how the components should or should not be populated. A clear written guide with a sample populated prototype helps.

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