Control PCB Quality As Early As Possible

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Lead time is always a concern for anybody selling product. Short lead time gives you advantage on the competition because a client always prefer to be delivered quickly. Control PCB quality as early as possible can reduce lead time when manufacturing PCBs in China.

Much too often, customers will wait the last moment before shipment when the order is finished to start controlling the quality of their product. They think it can save money than inspect during the fabrication process. Indeed, if problems are spotted at the end of the production, then the time to re-open and un-assembly everything is not only time consuming, but also costly for the manufacturer who needs to spend extra money for worker to rework. Don't wait the end, control early. You can pay a third party inspection company in China to do it if you are not available.

Stock critical components and material in advance: Every year when approaching Oct. to Nov. months, there must be short for chipset such as CPU as manufacturers are producing full speed to deliver for Christmas season. The supply about chipset in this period is much lower. To fabricate your product smoothly, I recommend to have a buffer for components who are critical and difficult to source or have a single source of supply.

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