Daily Basis of Embedded Software Engineers

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Each profession has its unique daily basis. In this post, EPCB would like to state embedded software engineers’ daily routine for your reference. 

Embedded Applications Engineer
An embedded application engineer would work on embedded software frameworks, open source stacks and applications, and more. They use the codecs, graphics acceleration and other features to bring visually pleasing performance.

Embedded Networking Engineer 
The growth of internet and wireless has brought a variety of network devices like switches, routers, access points, firewalls, and more. Engineers always work on network processors and layers, network security protocols, optimization of packet data transfer within a network equipment, and more.

Embedded Operating System Engineer
In recent years, embedded operating system is playing a major role, mainly because the dominance of ARM and powerful SOCs. With that, embedded engineers can develop, debug and port device drivers; build and prepare OS board support packages for products; configure, customize, optimize and build OS images for products; improve boot time, etc.

Micro-Controller Firmware Engineer
Embedded engineers who work with micro controllers are well versed in C programming and some assembly and micro-processor interfacing. They always concern more about size, speed and power so that they can design simple but effective devices like label printers, game controllers, automobile control parts, etc.

Any embedded product project definitely needs a team formed by various engineers from the roles mentioned above. Besides, the top 3 books we think that every embedded engineer should read as early as possible in his/her career is recommended in another acticle.

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