Design Mistakes Affecting PCB Assembly

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PCB assembly is always full of numerous challenges no matter for a large company or a small one. To fabricate high quality circuit boards, effective assembly requires good collaboration between designers, fabricators and manufacturers. Mistakes made in design always mean grave trouble to the whole organization. Both technical design flaws or operational flaws can be found in the assembly process. Below are the top five mistakes that you should pay more attention in PCB assembly:

On the technical side, flex-cracking refers to excessive bending of the PCB under a ceramic chip capacitor. The ceramic chip capacitor cannot withstand excessive stress due to its brittle nature. For adequate electrical performance, some printed circuit boards will require large capacitors. Stress on the capacitor can result from accidental dropping or placement of excessive weight on it at any stage of PCB assembly. The type of ceramic chip capacitor that you use in the design stage should be able to handle the stress of assembly and it should not easily crack. You could respond to issues on flex-cracking by using a shorter capacitor or you could replace the capacitor with a smaller unit which has the same capacitance and voltage.

Fail to Evaluate the Performance Environment
One of the most common mistake made by PCB designers is it fails to create a environment where the board can operate during the design stage. Some companies will ignore to the environment evaluation as a cost-cutting measure and designers may even be required to closely consider material costs in their designs. Environmental factors such as: temperature, humidity and even forces act on the PCB on a constant basis. If the materials used and the design specifications in terms of size and ability to handle these conditions are not adequate, the final printed circuit board will always not work as expected. 

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