Design PCB with Testing in Mind

Dated:2017-03-01      Popularity:1540

PCB Board

To get a high-quality PCB board with lower cost and diminished lead time, designers should keep testing in mind when designing printed circuit boards.

Testing ensures that the completed PCB works as expected with zero defects. A product that passes through a comprehensive inspection and test process is a product with a long service lifetime and can function well as designed which will appeal and cement more customer.

Common tests for PCBs include a functional test, in-circuit test, flying probe test, environmental test and high pot test. Select and implement a test strategy that is best suited for your design. This test should be comprehensive and ensure the full functionality of the PCB. 

Minimizing the cost of a PCB isn't just a race to the bottom. Every cent saved during the process of sourcing or assembly should be considered against the functional lifespan of the product. In short, a good design and better collaboration with the manufacturer can achieve improvements in cost, quality, and speed.


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