Differences among Soldering, Brazing and Welding

Dated:2016-10-21      Popularity:1402


Soldering cannot be new to any electronic hobbyists and students, let alone engineers. It is useful for electronics and joining copper metal. The process is to make the base metal stay solid without melting. Only the solder itself melts, while the copper stays solid. 

In that way it’s very similar to brazing, which is another technique wherein the base metal also stays solid. But brazing takes place in higher temperatures than soldering like several hundred degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, welding is a similar process of joining metals except that in welding the base metal itself also melts. So not only does the filler metal melt, but also that the base material.

All in all, soldering happens at low temperatures, brazing in the middle, and welding at the highest temperature. And at the low end of the temperature spectrum, soldering is useful, not only for electronics, but also for plumbing and in the use of jewelry manufacture. 


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