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A diode is a component that only conducts electricity in one direction. It is commonly used to convert from alternating current to direct current.

Types:There are two basic types of semiconductor diode rectifiers. One is a silicon power diode that may be found in small battery chargers. Another is a germanium detector diode which is often used in radio receivers for home stereos. Besides, most diodes used in rectifier circuits may only be identified by a simple dot on one end of the semiconductor body, but this dot denotes the end which is the positive side of the diode.

Size:Rectifier diodes generally are rated in size by the amperage or amount of power they can handle before they are destroyed by the current. This range is in the area of 0.2 to 20 amperes. If higher amperage is required, the diodes can be placed into a parallel circuit arrangement where the rectifiers are able to share the larger electrical loads placed upon them.


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