Domestic Flexible Circuit Board Industry

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With the rapid development of consumer electronic products like phones, tablet PCs wearable devices, etc., flexible printed circuit (FPC) is becoming more and more widely used, and the local FPC industry is gradually entering the outbreak period. Experts pointed out that the current annual output value of the global FPC industry is about 100 billion RMB, however, the domestic enterprise market share of only about 10%, so domestic enterprises still need to continuously enhance the technical strength, expand high-end market, and actively "going out" into the international market.

Circuit boards are usually divided into two categories, one is the rigid circuit board, and another is the flexible circuit board. Rigid circuit board is mainly used in refrigerators and other household appliances, while flexible circuit board becomes indispensable component in phones and other consumer electronic products due to its light weight, thin thickness, good bending performance, etc.

As a global consumer electronics manufacturing power, flexible circuit board has a huge domestic demand, thus domestic enterprises are embracing the rapid development of flexible printed circuit boards.

Academician Huang Wei said that flexible electronic technology will drive a trillion scale market which is our opportunity for the leapfrog development of electronics industry and can be the national pillar industry.

GF Securities research said that FPC becomes the main connection component in electronic products because it makes them much lighter and more flexible. At the same time, global FPC capacity is rapidly shifting to eastward, so local manufacturers will have a promising future.

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