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As a leading and reputable company in China, EPCB offers free information about A-level Chinese printed circuit board manufacturers. PCB manufacturers we recommend are able to provide customers worldwide with affordable professional PCBs. Their capability covers wide range of PCB from rigid, flex, rigid-flex, MCPCB, and HDI boards, etc.; the materials are ROHS compliant with IPC specifications, etc.

EPCB was founded by Mr Lei in Shanghai in 2007 when he believed to dream big but start small. The next year, EPCB conducted a survey among college students to analyze their needs so as to satisfy their needs about PCB boards. Later, EPCB became one of the biggest partners in Switzerland owe to high-quality boards, exceptional service and affordable price. Through our unremitting efforts, more college students and young engineers ordered PCB boards from us in 2010. With the rapid growth of EPCB, we moved to an amazing workplace in the following year. Luckily, we found new niche in 2012 which helped expand our PCB board business to a new stage. With positive growth increased, more energetic staff joined EPCB in 2014. Thanks to our loyal customer’s suggestion, we had our website and had more chance to embrace potential students and engineers. In 2016, our branch factory is built in Shenzhen. Now, we still observe the principal of think big, dream big but start small.

As we have learnt, foreign customers always feel confused when choosing a right Chinese PCB supplier since there are almost thousands PCB manufacturers. Therefore, to show our appreciation, EPCB provides a new free service to our customers now. On the web, you can find detail information about dozens of leading PCB suppliers which are all passed our investigation.

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