EPCB Terms and Conditions

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PCB Terms and Conditions

Plan your printed circuit board manufacturing and assembly orders by reading this terms and conditions document. Once you have read the information below, you can request an Instant Online PCB Quote for your order. We can also provide you with our industry-leading PCB design advice and file check service which is absolutely free. We’re these free services for you to help you avoid delays and receive the highest quality printed circuit boards.

1.If for any reason this order is cancelled at any time prior to the final scheduled shipment, any or all of the completed order will be subject to a cancellation fee which may be up to 100% depending on the manufacturing status at the time of cancellation. Customer is liable for all completed product quantities.

2.We work very hard to make sure all your PCB orders get shipped on time. There are occasions, however, when the freight carriers have delays and/or make shipment errors. We regret when this happens but we cannot be responsible for delays by these carriers.

3.International customers are responsible for their own custom charges and import fees on all orders.

4.EPCB does not store, keep, or otherwise promise to inventory any parts unless agreed to in writing by both parties.

5.We reserve the right to change price and delivery at any time.

6.EPCB Privacy Policy: At EPCB we recognize that privacy is of utmost importance, and we do not sell or rent individual personal information to any third party. Information and data sent to us for the processing of orders may be shared with a manufacturing partner for quote or fabrication. But in all cases, we require that manufacturing partners comply with our Privacy Policy and any other appropriate confidentiality and security measures such as ITAR, etc.

7.We will replace or issue credit for any bare boards that are returned and confirmed by EPCB to be non-conforming to the order specifications and/or the applicable quality and acceptability standards. We will not accept liability for any cost in addition to the value of the bare boards including but not limited to components, labor, business interruptions and any other consequential damages or losses.

8.As a condition of doing business with EPCB, we promise to be honest, truthful, and friendly to the best of our ability.

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