ESD Control Program

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ISO 9000

EPCB here aims to help operators to apply the proper ESD standards when developing an ESD Control Program. For an ESD Control program to be effective it should be designed around the Electro Static Discharge Sensitive (ESDS) devices it is protecting. This top-down approach, when fully adapted, ensures that all the elementary elements of the program are properly deployed. One of the main reasons companies use an ESD Control program is to save money. Increased throughput and decreased scrap can yield a ROI (return on investment) of up to 3000% per year for successfully deploying an ESD Control program. A secondary reason is to comply with their customers’ demands and ISO 9000 programs. Whatever reason, setting up and implementing an ESD Control program will almost always pay for itself within the first year. There is an array of ESD Control products on the market. The products that you select are determined by how you have defined your ESD control program.

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