Economical Flex PCB

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Flex PCB

Smart home products have become smaller and smarter and that requires much smaller PCB board. The flex PCB or rigid-flex PCB board can meet this requirement at lower cost. In this post, EPCB summarizes top 3 reasons why flexible PCB is cost effective.

Use flex PCB can eliminate wire routing errors
Wire routing errors is a common design mistake in past decades. Now we utilize various tools to design PCB board which largely reduce such mistake. However, in some special PCB board like HDI PCB, the wire routing errors still occur frequently, but use flex PCB can eliminate them to some extent. 

Use flex PCB can save material cost
Flex PCB board has a much smaller size made from polyamide. Compared to normal multilayer PCB board, it is thinner and more flexible. In other words, the flex PCB is fabricated with fewer raw material, less overall finished assembly, smaller packaging size, so its cost is cheaper than other PCB board even the price of polyimide is expensive than FR-4 material.

Use flex PCB can simplify assembly processes
Generally speaking, the PCB assembly process can affect the whole cost. Because flex PCB only can be installed one way, so its assembly process is easy and effective. The simplified assembly process not only can reduce assembly errors, but also can save much cost.

Flex PCB  

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