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PCB manufacturing is a crucial stage that stands between the design of every technology device and the finished product. Critical business metrics - cost, quality, delivery, etc. - are directly affected by the quality of the manufacturing process. Today, PCB manufacturing performance and productivity are under threat as customers’ delivery requirements become more volatile and pressure on both the engineering and materials infrastructures continues to grow. In this dynamic and competitive environment, successful PCB manufacturing must follow eight steps. Here we talk the first two points in detail. 

1. Know your product
The manufacturing product model is one of the most significant uncontrolled variables, so you must accurately and thoroughly understand the PCB and its requirements. The manufacturing processes need to match the product’s requirements in an efficient and high-quality way. Designs should be checked against manufacturing standards as they arrive for fabrication and before the manufacturing engineering processes begin. You’re also recommended to utilize the industry-leading PCB design for manufacturing tool which proved is really useful to minimize risk and improve your product quality

2. Know the manufacturing process
Traditionally, the first step taken when a new product is introduced to PCB assembly manufacturing is to prepare the design and related data for a specified set of processes. From the production point of view, the manufacturer really needs to prepare several production configurations from which to choose that which best meets the requirements of the customer at a given time. As the number of concurrent discrete products increases and tolerance for finished goods stock decreases, lot sizes have to become smaller and this requires a much higher degree of production interleave than before.
The top-level plan is derived from standard ERP tools together with the requirements for each product, which are then broken down for each line and machine. The production plan logic is capable of optimization based on real-time customer requirements, the current production status, and the inventory of available materials. The result is an immediate increase in operational productivity, with high-mix PCB production achieving levels of efficiency approaching those for high-volume. 


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