Electrical Cables

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Electrical Cables

An electrical cable is an electrical unit that consists of a multiple number of independent conductive wires. The wires within the cable may be solid core, stranded, braided, or a combination of several of these. The different kinds of cables include paired cable, twisted pair, twin lead, shielded twin lead, unbalanced coaxial, dual coaxial, balanced coaxial, ribbon, multiple conductor, and fiber optic. The important thing to remember about cables is that they are made of multiple separate wires, with each wire having its specific purpose in connection with a circuit.

Twin Lead Cable: A twin lead cable is a flat two-wire line. This flat two-wire line that the twin lead cable has is often referred to as the 300-Ω line. The line maintains an impedance of 300Ω. Each wire within the cable is stranded to reduce skin effects.

Twisted Pair Cable: A twisted pair cable is a cable that is composed of two interwound insulated wires. It is similar to a paired cable but the wires are held together by a twist.

Paired Cable: A paired cable is a cable that is made from two individually insulated conductors. Often it is used in direct current or low-frequency applications. 

Electrical Cable  

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