Electrical Load

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Electrical Load

An electrical load is an electrical component or portion of a circuit that consumes electric power. This is opposed to a power source, such as a battery or generator, which produces power. There are many types of electrical loads household appliances such as microwaves and hair dryers, electronic equipment like stereo or computer equipment, as well as lighting, shop equipment and portable devices like cordless drills and cell phones. 

Load affects the performance of circuits with respect to output voltages or currents, such as in sensors, voltage sources, and amplifiers. Main power outlets provide an easy example they supply power at constant voltage, with electrical appliances connected to the power circuit collectively making up the load. When a high-power appliance switches on, it dramatically reduces the load impedance.

If the load impedance is not very much higher than the power supply impedance, the voltages will drop. In a domestic environment, switching on a heating appliance may cause incandescent lights to dim noticeably.

Electrical Load  

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