Electronic Board Types

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The term for an electronic board is a circuit board. There are three main types of circuit boards: printed circuit boards, stripboards and breadboards.

A printed circuit board functions by connecting various electronic parts in an electric device and providing them with mechanical support. It does this through conductive tracks, pads and laminated copper components. The printed circuit board is the most popular type of electronic board, and it can be found in most common electronic devices, including cell phones, radios and televisions.

A stripboard circuit contains a grid of holes bored into a plastic board and aligned copper strips on the other side of the board plastic. Circuit connections created on a stripboard are permanent. To create a system of connections on the board, the engineer therefore needs to manually solder in the copper strips that form the circuit. Stripboards are more ideal for smaller electronic connection needs.

A breadboard is a perforated plastic board with layers of metal alloy clips underneath the perforated plastic. It is quick and simple to construct. Unlike a stripboard, it is reusable, as a breadboard circuit can be adjusted by linking wires and leads to different holes each time a new circuit system is required.

Electronic Board  

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