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PCB Board

An electronic circuit board is a circuit board that holds electronic components such as resistors, capacitors, inductors, transistors, and other electromechanical components, with copper wire to electrically connect these components and provide mechanical support for components, traces, and solder joints. Electronic circuit board may have analog circuits or digital circuits or mixed-signal circuits.

With the development of electronic technology and the increase number of components required to build a circuit, the interconnection of lines does not seem to work. Electronic circuit boards appeared in the late 1980s. The traces of copper have holes for component placement. This old style was replaced by surface mount technology for electronic circuit boards, which also allows machines to solder components on the board, and component densities increase while the size of surface mount objects decreases.

Analog electronic circuit boards have discrete components such as resistors, capacitors, inductors, and transistors whose voltage and current continuously vary with time. When designing circuits with wavelengths equal to their size, important considerations must be taken into account. Such circuits are used in communication technologies like radio frequency communication, wireless communication and the like.

Digital electronic circuit boards are those boards having digital circuits which uses discrete values of volts (most commonly 0 and 5 volts) to represent the bits (0 or 1) of data travelling between components. The logic in this circuit is developed using gates such as NOT, OR, AND, NAND. Transistors are used to implement the logic on the board. There is a clock source on the board to provide synchronization between the components. Common examples of such boards are RAM, microprocessors, FPGA, etc.

There are also hybrid electronic circuit boards that utilize both analog circuits and digital circuits as their building blocks. They are widely used in modern electronic industries such as remote controls, power supplies, digital communications equipment, timer circuits, smart phones and the like.

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